Executive Presentations

Understand what the law says and your organisation’s responsibilities towards data privacy and protection. Executive Presentations are an ideal start to your company’s commitment to Data Protection as they give board members an overview of the legislation, how this impacts organisations and directors’ responsibilities to manage and minimise the risks.

Many companies also benefit from further presentations after Privacy Impact Assessments as well as understanding the implications and remedial action required following a data privacy breach notification.

Health Checks / Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Most businesses are not aware of the volume of personal data they are processing or the risks associated with it.
PIAs are a useful tool to help organisations to view their processing practices in full and properly consider and address their privacy risks. It is also a great way to recognise good practice. These practices can often be duplicated throughout a business allowing consistency in policy and process models.

When carrying out a PIA we spend time on-site getting to know your business, talking with employees and reviewing your current policies and procedures. A report is then produced identifying your key risks, the potential costs of these risks to your business and recommendations to mitigate them. We will continue to work with you, where you choose, to implement any necessary changes.

Following an initial PIA it is recommended that these be carried out on an annual basis to ensure that good practices are being maintained and there are no new risks within the business. On-going support can also be factored in to your risk strategy/solutions should you require it.

PIAs can be carried out for full or parts of your business operations and we also offer Executive Briefings to present the findings to your management team.


Experience has taught us that the best data protection practices take into account the people and processes within an organisation. Data Protection is a confusing subject and if misinterpreted or ignored can lead to financial as well as operational penalties.

Our consultancy services provide you with a practical way to manage your risks, whether that is on a short or long-term basis. These include:

  • Compliance audits
  • Procedure and policy review and/or writing
  • Advice and guidance on specific issues, risks or concerns
  • Assistance with selection and contractual requirements when engaging with 3rd Party Service Providers
  • Processing requests for access to personal data
  • Advice and liaise with Regulatory Bodies in the event of a breach notification
  • Provide training and awareness programmes