DPO Mentoring

In most businesses these data protection administrative responsibilities are delegated to capable employees. Sometimes these are qualified data privacy professionals, but predominantly not. As a business you must ensure that the support, tools and budgets are available to them in order to carry out this role effectively.

It is also important to note that even when DPO responsibilities have been delegated, the overall responsibility of data protection compliance stills remains with Senior Management and meet the requirements of the GDPR.

From experience, the DPO role can be very isolated and often challenging. Especially when:

  • business decisions, which effect data protection obligations, are not influenced by the delegated individual, or
  • you haven’t had this particular query before, or
  • it has been several months since you last dealt with a request for information, or
  • your full-time role does not give you the freedom to fulfil your data protection role adequately.

Our mentoring service, with your commitment, enables us to work alongside that individual and equip and prepare them to carry out the basic administrative tasks; helping to affirm them and give them confidence in the subject. Following discussions with you about your business, your data protection obligations and the nominated individual – we would prepare a mentoring package that we believe is suitable for your business.

To book a mentoring session please call 07793600650 or email us on clairefisher@clfconsulting.co.uk