Where did my data go?

In an age where technology is king, the public are more savvy than ever to their rights and fraudsters and hackers are becoming more sophisticated by the second – do you get nervous and ask yourself whether your business is doing what it should to protect personal data?

Data Protection laws have been in place since 1984 and yet remain misunderstood or unknown to many businesses. The balance between public understanding and business compliance is quickly changing towards the former. Yet can be quite simple and drives better business practice, when understood and applied accurately.

Working with a ‘trusted advisor’ makes good business sense. You gain the advice, support, confidence and commitment of a subject specific expert. You can recruit their services on a needs basis without the additional HR costs associated with permanent recruitment.

Weekly reports of substantial fines lead us to question our confidence in companies and services we use who handle our personal data. We have all said to ourselves ‘that won’t happen to us’ but can you honestly be sure of that?

‘We are ok, we have great IT security systems in place’ – this too is a common misconception. What about the manual data? It is important to understand that data protection applies to both manual and electronic data.

Outsourcing or nominating a competent team member to carry out the management of your data also makes perfect business sense, but the senior management retain responsibility for that data for its lifecycle, it doesn’t leave when you hand over the baton – I know, bit of a surprise!

My objective is to Train-Advice-Protect your business. A one-size solution is sadly unavailable but clear, practical and tailored advice is. Contact me for more information or to discuss carrying out a non-obligatory health check.

Reference: Editorial written for the Derbyshire Guardian_April 2014