Knowing that every business is unique, CLF Consulting offers services that are tailored to meet your businesses data protection needs – and can be either project specific or through both short and long term service contracts.

By working with us, you gain the advice, support, confidence and commitment of a subject matter expert. You can use our services on a needs basis without the additional HR costs associated with permanent recruitment.

In all, we break down any misconceptions and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to implement best data privacy practices into your business. For more information, explore the details below or call us on 07793600650.


CLF Consulting offers advice in the form of Executive presentations,
Health checks (also known as Privacy Impact Assessments), as well as Consultancy.

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Training is an expectation of the Information Commissioners Office. CLF Consulting offers a range of bespoke and open courses that cover many topics.


From health checks to policy reviews; advice on risks to liaison with regulatory bodies CLF Consulting helps you protect your data legally and effectively.

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DPO Services

If you do not have a nominated Data Privacy Officer within your business CLF Consulting can carry out that role for you. This is a compulsory role for some organisations under the General Data Protection Regulation

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DPO Mentoring

Our mentoring services enable us to work alongside your Data Protection Office to equip and prepare them to carry out the basic administrative tasks; helping to affirm them and give them confidence in the subject.

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